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Infant Care options:
1) Infant Room #1: This room provides infant care for 8 babies ages 6 weeks - 1 year old with 3 caregivers creating a 1:2.5 ratio. When the child turns one they are guaranteed a spot in our one year old program, then two year old programs and so on. Ideally your child would stay with us until they go off to Kindergarten.

2) Infant Room #2: This room provides care for 9 infants ages 6 weeks - 1 year with 3 care givers creating a 1:3 ratio. This room is infant care ONLY meaning that when your child turns one year old there is a possibility (you would know well in advance) that you would need to secure care elsewhere. If anything were to become available in Infant Room #1 or any of our toddler and/or preschool programs at any time we would offer to you first as you would be an already enrolled family. This room is not ideal BUT with so few quality infant care options in our area we opened to help families struggling to find a safe option for their child.

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