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Infant Care: The Trike Stop offers 2 infant care options to children ages 6 weeks 1 year. We have created 2 classrooms with an atmosphere that is specific to infants offering: full size cribs, sleeping rooms with no overhead lighting, rocking chairs, a variety of toys and books, music, and a low 1:3 staff to infant ratio at all times. We wanted to make the transition from home to child care as easy as possible for both parents and infants alike. We do so by providing all the diapers and wipes, organic jar foods, organic finger foods and linens. All our parents provide is breast milk or formula, 5 bottles and extra clothing. We also accommodate families who use cloth diapers, glass bottles and mothers whom are breast feeding. We understand that our parents are so busy already and want to eliminate any extra stress that we can all while providing exceptional care to your new baby.

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