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Some of our parent testimonials:

''Our son started at the infant home and is now at the Trike Stop day care. We love the people and the place. We feel comfortable and safe sending him every day. The care givers are very warm, friendly, caring and professional. Our son is stimulated by the daily activities and and is having a lot of fun. Because of the smaller size of the business, they have been very flexible to accomodate our and our son's needs such as feeding breast milk, using cloth diapers and other things we have requested. ''
- Tomoko (Kazuhito's Mom)

''When our daughter turned one, she left the Trike Stop Infant Home and began attending the Trike Stop. What we like and appreciate about this facility is: Low adult to child ratio, kind, approachable and flexible staff, art, music and healthy foods each day, outside play area for the one year olds is separate, children play outside each day. We would recommend this facility to anyone in the Edmonds area looking for a great place for their child! ''
- Sarah (Maria's mom)

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