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Our Visiting Programs:

The Sno-isle Library system comes out every second or third Friday of the month and does a circle time with the children. The circle time includes puppets, stories and finger plays.

On every third or fourth Thursday of the month we have Imagine Childrens Museum come to the preschool. This is a 45 minute program to teach children in a fun hands on way.

Every other Thursday we have music class with Music Dave. He plays guitar and brings exotic instruments for the children to play, touch or look at. Class is a half hour in length. Dave also helps us put on a Christmas Program each year for our families as well as a graduation ceremony for the soon to be kindergarteners.

Every Friday Happy Feet comes to the preschool and teaches the children soccer through story. The children build coordination and balancing skills through this half hour year round class. This is an optional class, parents sign up for and pay $35 a month.

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