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Some of our parent testimonials:

''My son started at the Infant Home when he was 4 mos old and is now entering their pre-school this fall. It was so hard to leave him for the first time, but I was so reassured after meeting with Autumn and the staff at the Infant Home. After seeing them with him and all of the other children, I knew that they really cared about him and loved him almost as much as I did. He move up to the Trike Stop Daycare (1 yr+) with no problems and is now 3 and entering into the Trike Stop Pre-School which he loves!

When it was time for our daughter to start The Trike Stop Infant Home we were excited to see many of the same staff still in place nearly 2 years later! She is now in the 1+ room and loves all of her teachers.

The Trike Stop has great staff retention, provides detailed information on the kids daily activities and are very flexible regarding specific dietary requirements and other needs. I highly recommend the Trike Stop! ''
- Karianna (Karsten & Annika's mom)

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