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Some of our parent testimonials:

''I came upon The Trike Stop Infant Home by luck. I found it online and went to visit before by first son was born. I immediately felt comfortable with the facility, staff, and owner. I visited multiple other daycare facilities, but chose Trike Stop, and never looked back.

From Day 1, it was clear that the staff loved my child and that not only his physical health but also his emotional and developmental health were important to them. He was always happy to be dropped off (well, OK, for a little while he had a small degree of separation anxiety), and was always happy when I picked him up. He is now at the toddler facility, and my 8 month old is at the infant home, and they will be in The Trike Stop care until kindergarten.

I find ownership and management to always be receptive to my comments. I have recommended the Trike Stop to multiple friends and acquaintances, and will continue to do so''
- Carol (Austin & Levi's mom)

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